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KX906 Smart Token: Easy to Use and Empowers Enterprises to Reduce Data Leakage Risks

Updated: Jun 5

With data leaks and identity fraud incidents happening constantly, the KX906 Smart Token integrates fingerprint recognition and key mechanisms to provide enterprises with the simplest encryption mechanism. In particular, the identity verification method adopts the international standard protocol of PKI or FIDO, and the fingerprint characteristics and private keys are stored in the security chip, and the security level exceeds that of DRM products.

In order to gain economic benefits, hacker organizations have continued to change their attack methods over the years, launching precise attacks against organizations or governments. Therefore, even if companies continue to introduce information security tools, a large number of data leaks still occur around the world. Therefore, most information security consultants believe that encrypting important data is the best solution to prevent data leaks.

However, it is not easy to achieve this goal. If the encryption mechanism is to be deployed throughout the company, the DRM product licensing plus technical costs alone will cost at least several million yuan, which is simply not affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Fortunately, Guanjian Company has launched the KX906 Smart Token, which allows small and medium-sized enterprises or single departments with limited budgets to introduce encryption mechanisms that meet international standards with the minimum budget, and can be gradually expanded in the future according to needs, reducing the occurrence of commercial secrets leaks.

Guan Jian CEO Hong Boyue pointed out that the KX906 Smart Token, which integrates fingerprint recognition and key mechanism, provides the simplest encryption mechanism for enterprises. As long as the relevant parameters are set in advance, when the tool is plugged into the USB port of the computer, it can encrypt and decrypt the designated folders and files. Therefore, even if the laptop or hard drive is unfortunately lost, there is no need to worry about important data being stolen.


The encryption mechanism complies with international standards and users can quickly get started

There are many products on the market that can be used for DRM encryption, but due to the complexity of the settings and the high cost of introduction, many companies have finally given up. Secondly, since the private key of the DRM product is stored in the computer, once the device needs to be sent for repair, there will be loopholes in the protection of confidential data, giving interested parties an opportunity to take advantage of it. In contrast, KX906 Smart Token combines components such as security chips, fingerprint authentication, and secure storage, and can be used in personal computers or devices such as iPhones and iPads.

During the initial installation of the product, the security chip will automatically generate public and private keys, where the private key is protected by the security chip and the public key can be used with applications for identity recognition. Without the user's fingerprint, the security chip cannot be opened to obtain the application permission of the private key, which can effectively protect the security of data encryption and achieve the purpose of only the data owner can decrypt the data.

Hong Boyue pointed out that the biggest advantage of using KX906 Smart Token is that it can be used to encrypt important data without changing existing usage habits, and there is almost no threshold for use. Secondly, the identity authentication method of KX906 Smart Token adopts the international standard protocol of PKI or FIDO to ensure that fingerprint characteristics and private keys are stored in the security chip. Therefore, in addition to the aforementioned data encryption, it can also be applied to the company's access control management and the control login of various systems to ensure the security of the unity of people and certificates, and reduce the problem of card fraud and substitution.

Supports Adobe AATL to prevent face-changing fraud

The face-changing fraud that has caused major losses to global companies recently is that hacker organizations take advantage of consumers' negligence and use fake emails and documents to induce companies to transfer money to specific accounts. In this case, using the built-in certification mechanism of KX906 Smart Token, you can confirm the source of the email and the authenticity of the electronic document, avoiding customers and employees from receiving false messages and causing company or personal losses.

Hong Boyue said that in order to prevent electronic documents from being forged, Adobe launched the Adobe AATL (Adobe Approved Trust List) service, which has gradually become the mainstream in the market. The KX906 Smart Token has also been certified and can be perfectly integrated with Adobe PDF. It can add electronic signatures and timestamps to PDF files to ensure that the documents cannot be tampered with. When the client opens the PDF file with Adobe Reader, the software will help the user verify the correctness of the source of the document, which naturally helps to reduce the occurrence of face-changing fraud incidents.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in view of the rise of blockchain and the beginning of the era of decentralization, KX906 Smart Token has also cooperated with Taiwan's cryptocurrency exchanges to provide members with cold wallet solutions to protect cryptocurrencies, which can avoid the occurrence of digital currency theft.

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