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Identity verification often requires external system connections, increasing system complexity and dependency on these connections.

Without network connectivity, identity verification can fail, impacting user convenience. During transmission, fingerprint or biometric data can be intercepted if not properly encrypted, posing significant risks of hacker attacks.


KX902 Fingerprint Smart Card Reader

Featuring both ISO 19794-2 CC format and MoC technology, the KX902 stores fingerprint templates within a smart card, eliminating the risk of fingerprint data exposure over the network. Elevate your security system now for unmatched peace of mind!

Intelligent Verification with Ultimate Flexibility - Your Security, Our Priority!

Configurable Verification Modes

MegaMatcher On Card is an advanced fingerprint algorithm offering flexible verification modes, allowing adjustment of corresponding precision based on specific requirements and the smart card platform’s performance and memory limitations, ensuring adaptability to various needs.

Strong Security

Biometric authentication enhances or replaces less secure identity verification methods (e.g., PIN codes), achieving a higher security level. It effectively prevents password theft or misuse, providing a more secure identity verification method.

Privacy Protection

Fingerprint templates are securely stored on the smart card, eliminating the risk of data misuse or fraudulent scanning. This ensures the protection of users' personal privacy and secure storage and transmission of fingerprint data.

System Performance Optimization

Allows configuration based on the smart card platform’s performance and memory limitations to achieve optimal performance. This ensures maximum system efficiency while maintaining high levels of security and privacy.


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