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Is Your Data Securely Encrypted?

In the digital age, data stored in the cloud or other digital platforms can pose potential information security risks. 
Data sharing is an essential part of daily life and work today, making information security particularly important. Can you ensure that your encrypted data is only accessible to authorized users?


File Encryption Protection System

Xenbox is a comprehensive solution that ensures the encryption of files of any format and storage location without restrictions. Based on PKI principles and utilizing AES256 encryption standards, XenBox delivers world-class file protection measures.

Break Through Traditional Limits with a Revolutionary Encryption System!

Effortless Operation

No need to change your workflow. Manage your files directly within File Explorer, allowing you to add, modify, and control with ease.

Universal File Format Support

XenBox supports a wide range of common file formats, removing restrictions and ensuring operational efficiency and smoother workflows.

Versatile File Storage

Store your encrypted files anywhere—on local hard drives, network drives, NAS, or even cloud storage. Protect your data wherever it’s needed.

Flexible Permissions Management

Use the comprehensive permission management list to set flexible access permissions when sharing files. Ideal for teams, departments, individuals, and cross-organizational use, providing unparalleled convenience and flexibility.


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