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Tired of Complex Password Requirements?

Complex passwords often fail to guarantee security needs and instead increase the burden of memory and the risk of incorrect setup. Passwords may be stored insecurely, making personal information more vulnerable. Let us help you avoid these security issues!


NFC Smart Token

Experience a revolutionary identity authentication method with the KX701 NFC Smart Token, utilizing Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. A simple tap is all it takes to complete identity verification, ushering you into a smart lifestyle with unmatched convenience.

NFC Smart Token: Tap into the Smart Future!

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Complete encryption and decryption effortlessly with a tap, streamlining identity verification and enhancing user convenience.

Physical Token as Password

Utilizes the latest transparent encryption technology to ensure your data remains secure and reliable.

Cloud Data Encryption

Keeps your data under your control, effectively preventing unauthorized access.

Simplified Processes

Features security chip to simplify complex processes, allowing quick recovery if the token is lost or backup is needed, freeing you from unnecessary worries.

The First Choice for Identity Protection


| Security Risks |

Prone to loss, theft, or malware infection.

| Enhanced Security |

Provides robust protection against data theft and hacking.

Challenges of Software Authenticators
| Limited Durability |

Dependent on the device it's installed on, which may have a limited lifespan.

| Device Dependency |

Loss or damage of the device can lead to access issues.

| Lack of Physical Security |

Vulnerable to hacking and other security breaches.

| Durable and Reliable |

Long-lasting without concerns of easy damage or malfunction.

| Physical Security |

A tangible barrier ensures your identity and data are fully protected.

| Tamper-Proof |

Designed to resist physical tampering, further enhancing security.

Advantages of Hardware Authenticators

Best choice for identity protection


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