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Zero Trust Passwordless Manager

Welcome to the future of security with Keyper’s innovative Zero Trust solution, featuring multi-factor authentication (MFA) that ushers you into a new era of passwordless access. Bolster your security with cutting-edge biometric technology, liberate your enterprise from the burdens of password fatigue, and build up an impenetrable security fortress.

Organizations today must navigate a complex network environment filled with numerous security and management challenges.

Conventional username and password systems are prone to leakage and hacking, with attackers exploiting various methods to steal and misuse credentials. Shared accounts, confusing permissions, and unmanaged inactive accounts pose additional security risks. Timely control is crucial to prevent security incidents and ensure prompt responses.

Keyper empowers enterprises with streamlined and secure identity authentication management!

Passwordless Identity Authentication Management

Combine security keys, fingerprint recognition, NFC functionality, and provide MFA for diverse user options and custom security modes.

Seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) Experience

Log in once to access the entire network, supporting multiple security protocols for a more flexible and secure SSO experience, reducing management complexity.

Total Oversight of the Identity Verification Lifecycle

Utilize comprehensive login audit reports for precise user activity analysis and employ modular, integrated management strategies for robust protection of user identities.

Versatile Applications with Unparalleled Simplicity

Transform login procedures to seamlessly fit a multitude of application scenarios, both offline and online, ensuring versatile and secure identity verification.


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