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KeyXentic Focuses on Encryption Technology, Targeting International Market Opportunities

Hong Boyue (Sean), CEO of KeyXentic Co., Ltd., is also currently the Secretary-General of the Taiwan Information Security Association (TWISA).

Taiwan Information Security Industry Tour - KeyXentic

As information security incidents continue to break out, the global information security market is becoming increasingly large. KeyXentic Inc., which has unique encryption technology, hopes to enter the international information security market based on successful cases such as well-known financial customers in Southeast Asia and the Taipei City Government, and together with partners from the Taiwan Information Security Association.


On the premise of making great strides towards a smart city, the Taipei City Government announced a digital transformation white paper at the beginning of 2021. In the digital infrastructure part, it will fully meet the core services needed by the people and enterprises, such as 5G construction and the expansion of citizens' digital identities. Taipei Access, building a big data center with data-driven smart governance, and improving the coverage of Taipei Free hotspots. For the village director, it can simplify the activities, meal delivery, talent classes, subsidy distribution, material delivery and receipt, etc. By reading the residents’ health insurance cards, ID cards, Taipei Pass, etc., they can know the attendance in real time. It can save a lot of time in subsequent data integration and allow various activities to proceed smoothly by eliminating the traditional paper registration and comparison process.

The Neighborhood Head's Convenient Tool: KeyXentic Products in Demand

KeyXentic Inc., specializing in products addressing identity security, finds application tailored for neighborhood offices. Recognizing the increasing frequency of cyber-attacks, the Taipei City Government has chosen to collaborate with KeyXentic Inc. in the realm of cybersecurity. They have introduced various devices such as smart card readers, allowing neighborhood heads to operate more efficiently and securely in their busy official duties while enhancing the protection of personal data. KeyXentic Inc.'s CEO, Hong Po-yue, pointed out the crucial role of cybersecurity in digital governance applications, expressing enthusiasm for the collaboration with the Taipei City Government. Despite the initial learning curve for neighborhood heads to adopt new skills, the majority find the tools very convenient once mastered, resulting in overwhelmingly positive feedback. Many neighborhood heads also acknowledge the importance of cybersecurity and hope for the expansion of the scope of application of related equipment. Consequently, KeyXentic Inc. will continue to collaborate with the Taipei City Government and neighborhood heads to extend cybersecurity solutions to more scenarios through collective efforts.

Focusing on Personal Cybersecurity Devices to Ensure Life Security

Comprised of a professional information security team, KeyXentic Inc., dedicated to security chip-related applications, has been deeply involved in the cybersecurity industry for nearly 30 years. It primarily provides solutions such as identity authentication, certification, authorization, and cloud data encryption. Currently, its product lineup includes KX901\KX906 (physical fingerprint key tokens, 2FA, AATL electronic signatures), KX905 (iOS smart card reader devices), XenBox (cloud data encryption), AD privileged account login, SSO integration, KMS, SDK, Keyper, etc., and actively pursues FIDO2 certification to address the most challenging authorization issues for administrators and assist customers in ensuring identity and data security. This approach reduces the hassle of remembering multiple passwords for users of various cloud services, easily addressing the drawbacks of easily forgotten or stolen account passwords, thereby achieving higher precision and security in authorization management, and advancing enterprise cybersecurity.

Hong Po-yue stated that the company's mission is to simplify complex cybersecurity applications for enterprises and consumers, thereby integrating them into everyday life. They aim to help each user create a virtual world's exclusive key, ensuring data security while enjoying various conveniences in life. Therefore, when planning relevant solutions for customers, they always start from the perspective of cybersecurity, extending secure application services to every single point, as cybersecurity needs to be implemented in life to truly reap its benefits. Additionally, Taiwan's electronic information industry's strength allows them to focus more on the research and development of portable cybersecurity products.

Harnessing the Power of the Cybersecurity Industry to Seize International Business Opportunities

In integrating Taiwan's cybersecurity industry energy and promoting domestically produced cybersecurity solutions to the international market, the Taiwan Information Security Association (TWISA) was established in August 2020. It focuses on four core missions: consensus building, product integration, safeguarding Taiwan, and moving towards internationalization, serving as a communication platform for Taiwan's cybersecurity industry. "Today's cybersecurity issues are extremely complex and cannot rely on a single service or technology solution. The majority of association members are Taiwanese independent cybersecurity businesses. By combining industry energy, technology and services, establishing an industry circular ecosystem, and driving the development of the local cybersecurity industry." Hong Po-yue, also serving as the association's secretary-general, explained: "After the establishment of the association, Taiwan's cybersecurity industry has a common platform for communication and integration of cybersecurity energy from different fields. Additionally, the association can act as a voice for the industry, serving as a bridge between cybersecurity businesses and the government."

In recent years, the government has invested multiple resources in the cybersecurity industry, promoting the cybersecurity of various industries through plans and industry subsidies to enhance domestic demand and foster the development of Taiwan's cybersecurity industry. However, Taiwan's cybersecurity industry is relatively small, and the capacity of the domestic market is limited. Therefore, entering the international market is imperative. The cost of entering the international market in terms of manpower, resources, and time is substantial, which most cybersecurity companies cannot bear, hence the need for assistance from government agencies. It is suggested that relevant authorities not only assist in participating in foreign exhibitions and matchmaking but also provide foreign venture capital resources, opportunities, and technology transfer from international major corporations, etc., to accelerate the identification of suitable niche markets and business models for domestic cybersecurity industry players.

Cybersecurity Law Implementation Brings New Business Opportunities

Hong Po-yue believes that the implementation of the Cybersecurity Management Act will definitely help urge major industries, agencies, and enterprises to pay attention to cybersecurity issues, protection, and management. It also provides a basis for establishing information security standard specifications in specific fields, driving domestic demand for cybersecurity and promoting the growth of the cybersecurity industry. However, industries are still exploring budget allocation and methods. Currently, except for sensitive agencies, most enterprise units still face problems such as insufficient budget allocation and lack of precision. Therefore, there is still room for improvement in planning precise cybersecurity definitions that fit

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