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ITTS Collaborates with Global Tech Giants to Enter the Zero Trust InfoSec Solutions Market

Eastern Information Technology launches the "CipherTrust Data Security Platform" and "Keyper Multi-factor Identity Authentication Integration Service", providing end-to-end data encryption protection and identity authentication key management solutions. Eastern Information Technology/Provided

Economic Daily reporter Zhang Ruiyi/Taipei real-time report

On May 9, ET-Trust Information Technology (6697) demonstrated zero-trust security solutions at the "CYBERSEC 2023 Taiwan Security Conference" to help companies strengthen their first line of defense in security. The exhibits included the "CipherTrust Data Security Platform" and "Keyper Multi-factor Identity Authentication Integration Service" to provide end-to-end data encryption protection and identity authentication key management solutions to help companies strengthen identity authentication and data security.

Chen Chunxu, COO of Eastern Information, pointed out that Eastern Information has more than 20 years of experience in information outsourcing services, providing intelligent digital services, assisting enterprises in digital transformation, and planning information security protection solutions for enterprises. Based on many years of experience in information outsourcing services and information security planning for the manufacturing and financial industries, Eastern Information has become the agent for the financial payment information security management solutions of the international giant Thales and the identity recognition and other zero-trust network architecture information security solutions of the domestic information security manufacturer KeyXentic. By combining information security original equipment products and technical support, Eastern Information can help the financial, government, manufacturing and other industries solve information security management problems, protect data security and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

At the CYBERSEC 2023 Taiwan Security Conference, ET-Tech will showcase Thales' CipherTrust Data Security Platform, a centralized data management platform that simplifies enterprise information security and provides hardware encryption to ensure data transfer security in ground, cloud, and hybrid environments. In addition, the platform can also integrate hardware security modules (HSMs) to further enhance key protection levels.

In addition, at this year's Cyber Security Conference, ET-Tek also exhibited KeyXentic's "Keyper Multi-factor Identity Authentication Integration Service"; this is a secure key management system that provides a one-stop passwordless identity authentication integration service through the FIDO2 international standard. This solution helps enterprises achieve a passwordless single sign-on experience that is both secure and compliant under a zero-trust network architecture.

Currently, ET-Tek has successfully assisted many financial industry clients in introducing financial payment information security solutions, including the introduction of hardware security modules HSM, key management solutions and heterogeneous system integration services. In the future, in addition to focusing on financial industry clients, the company is also committed to providing identity solutions to existing manufacturing industry clients to enhance the login information security management of sensitive factory equipment and systems, and jointly strengthen the overall resilience of Taiwan's information security.



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