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Cloud Computing & IoT Association Celebrates 10th Anniversary and Partners with Japan's Mizuho Bank and Three Startups to Enter the Japanese Market

The largest themed corporate accelerator in Taiwan, "Taiwan Cloud Valley Clouded Leopard Accelerator," organized by the Taiwan Cloud IoT Industry Association (TWCIA) and StarFab Accelerator, has reached its ten-year milestone. This year, in collaboration with Mizuho Bank of Japan, the first "Tech-Startup Japan Award" was established. Led by TWCIA's Vice Chairman Liu Ruilong, three outstanding Taiwanese startups—Viscovery, Turing Chain, and KeyXentic—traveled to Japan to participate in Cloud Computing Day Tokyo, aiming to connect with local cloud business opportunities.

The Clouded Leopard Accelerator aims to assist startups and enterprises in co-creating new business opportunities, focusing on the development of integrated software and hardware solutions. As Taiwan's first platform for industry co-prosperity by large and small enterprises, it has facilitated in-depth collaborations between over 154 startups and large enterprises. In its tenth edition, the Clouded Leopard Accelerator partnered with Mizuho Bank, one of Japan's leading banks with the most corporate clients, to select startups with international market potential. The selected startups, showcasing technological innovation, market value, and business models, traveled to Tokyo, Japan. The three standout teams are: Viscovery, providing realistic content for XR (VR/AR) with a portable single-lens 3D stereoscopic video recording system; Turing Chain, an international digital certificate standard adopted by 120 institutions across nine countries; and KeyXentic, offering a passwordless identity authentication solution under a zero-trust framework.

On the 18th of this month, these three excellent startups participated in the 2022 Cloud Computing Day Tokyo, co-organized by TWCIA and OCP Japan (OCPJ). This event marked its first return to a physical format since the pandemic. Over a hundred TWCIA member companies and industry representatives from Taiwan and Japan attended, engaging in lively interactions. Through today’s solution demonstrations and business dinner exchanges, it is hoped that these startups will gain a foothold in the Japanese market and seize international business opportunities.

Over the past decade, under the execution of StarFab, the Clouded Leopard Accelerator has helped more than half of its over 100 affiliated startups secure strategic investments, with total fundraising exceeding NT$3 billion. StarFab leverages its professional and rich incubation experience to connect large enterprises, venture capital, and business partners across various fields, creating a strong ecosystem of industry co-prosperity that helps startups rapidly connect with domestic and international capital markets. On November 29, the ten-year anniversary event of the Clouded Leopard Accelerator will be held at the Taipei International Convention Center, Room 201 ABC. The event will feature presentations of outstanding co-creation achievements between enterprises and startups, along with key corporate representatives and alumni sharing how the Clouded Leopard Accelerator's "large-to-small" model has helped startups grow rapidly. We look forward to the addition of more ecosystem partners to propel Taiwan's industry into another glorious decade!



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