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2019 Young Awards Highlights New Digital Applications: 18 Companies Awarded

Main image "2019 Golden Award - Smart Application Category" A total of 6 smart applications won awards, and the awards were presented by Executive Yuan Science and Technology Report Office Executive Secretary Tsai Chih-hung (third from left). The winners also took a group photo with the organizer, China Software Association Chairman Qiu Yuexiang (center). Photo/Yan Qianlong

Award-winning products incorporate innovative technologies such as AI and IOT to create better services for humanity

The Taiwan Information Software Association has held the "Golden Young Award - Young Generation" for five times. This year's winning products were announced and awarded on July 16. The Taiwan Information Software Association said that this year's Golden Young Award received 53 digital application products, and 18 products were finally awarded (see table). The application scope includes finance, transportation, health care, e-commerce, games and marketing. It is obvious that technologies such as AI and IOT can not only provide better services to mankind, but also bring great business opportunities.

List of products winning the 2019 Golden Award. Photo by Cai Shufen

Under the guidance of the Executive Yuan's Office of Science and Technology Reports, the Taiwan Information Software Association organized the three-day "2019 Digital Application Week". In addition to a variety of lectures, it also showcased the "2019 Golden Award - Young Generation" winning companies. Among them, the KX906 Smart Token system developed by KeyXentic Co., Ltd., which won the first prize in the "Smart Application Category", uses biometric technology to replace traditional passwords as a key to start. Only a fingerprint can replace the cumbersome password input, achieving a simple and secure smart application. At the same time, it solves the current security blind spot that is most vulnerable to attacks due to user account and password input, and therefore won the favor of the judges.

As for the first prize of "Innovative Business Model", Qunyue Technology won NT$100 million. Qunyue Technology launched the "Taiwan Designated Driver" App three years ago, which allows people who like to drink to satisfy their needs for both fun and safety. The company uses technology to provide instant matching of drunk driving services, and extends the service to car factory maintenance driving, medical and pension driving, etc., and combines it with all-round services such as driving liability insurance. As a result, Taiwan Designated Driver has more than 30,000 users and about 1,500 registered drivers in just three years. The monthly turnover is growing at a rate of 10.5%, and this year's turnover is expected to exceed NT$100 million.

A total of 6 innovative applications won the "2019 Golden Award - Innovative Business Model Category". The awards were presented by Yang Zhiqing (fourth from left), Deputy Director of the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The winners also took a group photo with Qiu Yuexiang (fourth from right), Chairman of the China Software Association, the organizer. Photo/Yan Qianlong

The first prize in the "Cloud Service Category" went to the "SurveyCake Enterprise-level Cloud Survey Service" developed by NewSprout Network, which allows surveys such as questionnaires to be directly replaced by online surveys, allowing companies to collect customer needs more quickly and obtain survey data more efficiently and conveniently. In addition, SurveyCake also supports companies in building private clouds and high-standard information security protection, providing professionals and corporate users with more possibilities and business applications.

A total of 7 innovative applications won the "2019 Golden Award - Cloud Service Category". The awards were presented by Chen Guoliang (fifth from left), Director and Secretary of the Small and Medium Enterprises Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The winners took a group photo with Qiu Yuexiang (fourth from right), Chairman of the China Software Association, the organizer. Photo/Yan Qianlong

In addition, the "SpaceAdvisor Venue Home" launched by Focus Conference Technology Company combines the three major fields of shared economy, venue matching and e-commerce platform, changing the existing model of venue rental, making it easier to rent venues, and becoming an innovative business model in the shared economy system, so it won the second place in the "Innovative Business Model Category". Taiwan's financial industry is committed to the development of financial technology (Fintech), and the results are also displayed at this year's Golden Yang Award. The "Guozheng e-Counter" App launched by Cathay General Securities provides online services "one-stop shopping" services, integrating online account opening, credit account opening, stock loans, Taiwan stock regular fixed-insurance, US stock regular fixed-insurance and stock lending. Investors can handle all businesses with one login, breaking the limitations of time and space, and won the third place in the "Cloud Service Category".

Yuanta Securities' "Ulitong Account" perfectly combines financial management, payment, and deposit functions, achieving the best example of inclusive finance in the financial industry, bringing customers a win-win-win mechanism of maximizing capital utilization efficiency, minimizing bank costs, and massing the money market fund customer base, thus winning third place in the innovative business model category.



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