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AIoT Taiwan Expo: CIAT Showcases 5G and Cybersecurity Capabilities

In this year's AIoT Taiwan, Taiwan Cloud Association set up the "Cloud IoT Theme Pavilion" with four major themes: "5G Edge Computing", "5G Enterprise Private Network", "IoT Security", and "AI Applications" to showcase the rising cloud IoT software strength. (Provided by Taiwan Cloud Association)

[Reporter Chen Binghong/Taipei Report] The Taiwan Cloud Internet of Things Industry Association (Taiwan Cloud Association) stated that the number of companies participating in the "Taiwan Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Exhibition (AIoT Taiwan)" reached a new high during the epidemic. At the exhibition, a "Cloud Internet of Things Theme Pavilion" was set up with four major themes, including "5G Edge Computing", "5G Enterprise Private Network", "Internet of Things Information Security", and "AI Application". In addition to the three major telecom operators and 18 domestic companies and units such as the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the "AIoT Industry Information Security Standard Analysis and Application Trend Forum" will also be held to show Taiwan's information security software strength.

Taiwan Cloud Association said that the theme of "IoT Security" was presented in the theme pavilion as an "IoT Security Enhancement Promotion Zone" by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan Cloud Association, Industrial Technology Research Institute, and six local security companies. It is hoped that the resources of the emerging IoT Security Demonstration Promotion Program can be used to drive local security companies to explore IoT security business opportunities.

Taiwan Cloud Association said that among the exhibitors, Huadian Networks exhibited industrial control IoT and IoT/OT security consulting services, Jingcheng Information introduced IoT product security compliance and automated testing solutions; Shulian Security shared subscription-based security hosting services; Interconnect Anrui shared 5G private network security planning and smart manufacturing security solutions for 5G environments; Guanjian and Junmeng Technology exhibited smart key and active defense strategy solutions respectively. ITRI also exhibited whitelist-enhanced security technology applicable to the IoT industry, providing domestic security solutions.

In addition, the Taiwan Cloud Association also stated that under the guidance of the Bureau of Industry, it will hold the "AIoT Industry Security Standard Analysis and Application Trend Forum" in conjunction with the Industrial Technology Research Institute at 1:30 p.m. on the 22nd (Thursday) in the 500 Conference Room of Hall 1 of the Nangang Exhibition Center. It will invite leading security vendors such as "Trend Technology" and "Anhua Networks", as well as the Taiwan Information Security Association and the China Asia-Pacific Smart Internet of Things Development Association. Starting from the industry security standards, it will drive the IoT industry ecosystem and analyze the current status and trends of domestic and foreign industry security standards, in order to promote more cooperation opportunities.

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