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Security (Support KX906 Smart Token)

Bring your own token for securing your E-mail on both PC and iOS environments.Forget your password by match on card (MoC) fingering authentication.Cryptographic operations, biometric feature and keys storing by Common Criteria (CC) EAL 5+and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified secure element embedded in KX906 smart token.A well-balanced security and convenience solution is what we provide.



S/MIME is a standard and wide-spread use protocol for E-mail security.Content integrity is guaranteed by trusted certificate and digital signature.Confidential content is protected by well-known cryptogram and public key infrastructure (PKI).Secured E-mail by LIGHT App is compatible with almost every popular E-mail client, such asMozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook and macOS Mail… etc.



Pretty good privacy (PGP) is popular solution for encrypting data in communication.Email security by PGP is also supported in many popular E-mail client and plug-in.People can enjoy secure information sharing by PGP mail protection for free.PGP will also be supported by LIGHT App in latter version.